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Program Calendar for Groups

Your tool is helping us collect critical population and behavioral data on the Southern Sea Otter to enable better understanding and decision-making about otters and their use of this critical habitat… The mobile app is especially useful for science in the field, making it easy to keep everyone up-to-date on assignments.
We have 9 controllers and each one has their own calendar. When snow or floods are imminent we go onto “Standby.” The controllers should then enter periods when they are unavailable… Having Teamup reduces the amount of to and fro messages that would otherwise be needed. It does save a lot of stress and time during what is often a very busy time for us.
👦 Rob Wilson

Instruction for Teamup Apps

We are loving Teamup as our schoolwide calendar… and our families, faculty, and staff love it, too!
👦 Academy at the Lakes
I have autisum and adhd with 24 hour care. this app give me independance and routine. this app is out of this world for people with autisum or people who like routine. thanks.
👦 Jonathan
A Teamup way to simplify scheduling for businesses that serve clients across multiple regions through a network of contractors. Sharing availability becomes easy even if some work for multiple regions. Read More

Square Dance Calendar

LOVE LOVE LOVE your calendar! I’m using your Premium Level calendar on this site: And it’s doing *everything* I want it to do. Hell, it’s doing things I didn’t even *know* it could do.
👦 Ray
“The Princeton Review’s first project with Teamup focused on a very popular summer program at thirty university campus locations from coast to coast—six different time zones! Schedules for teams of five science subject experts must be coordinated to deliver each course. It takes about two hundred teachers to cover over eighty schedules.”
👦 Blaise M.

Delivery Load Board at Home Builder 84 Lumber

The Teamup calendar has made us more efficient in our delivery system. The salesmen no longer have to call the store to check on the status of a delivery or who delivered it. It’s right at the touch of their phone, and they have an answer for the customer right away.
👦 Brian Kelly, Delivery and Specialty Purchasing Contract Manager
The collaboration includes scientists from 16 different countries, spanning from USA to Australia. We are organized in several analysis groups, seven of them, that, together with another colleague, I am in charge to coordinate. The groups have regular phone calls and virtual meetings…
👦 Piera Luisa Ghia, The Pierre Auger Observatory, Argentina
Only Teamup offered the best flexibility to view multiple calendars as well as easy visibility. Teamup continues to meet our needs with the ability to have it in app form. We have staff members go around to the parks in the evening and they take a cell phone with the Teamup app to check on the activities in each park.
👦 Kendel Kellogg, Event Coordinator of the City of Dublin, Ohio USA
This eliminated an entire process that we went through for crew scheduling… We have been able to customize a calendar view for each different group, and the two of us in the office are the only ones who see the entire thing, and the only ones who can edit. Each week, as we put our crew schedules in, we make comments about how awesome this calendar is for us.
👦 Teresa, Holbrook Asphalt
Take 15 minutes a day. Make it a habit. Be mindful of our progress as individuals and as a team. Turning research & insights into action with Teamup Calendar. Read More
Our team LOVES the TeamUp calendar. It was a really good improvement in the management of the appointments in our veterinary clinic since we are using it. It’s such a great tool and it’s so well crafted!
👦 Pedro Ramalho

Team Planner for Exhibiting at Trade Shows

We are absolutely THRILLED with the Teamup app!
👦 Jen Gerber
How to use sub-calendars and custom permissions to simplify scheduling, school, food, and finances for your family. Read More
Most companies are organized in teams or departments that focus on specific areas of work, such as engineering, production, sales and finance. In small businesses, it is also common that some people wear multiple hats and work in more than one department… Read More

Room Scheduling at Coworking Space

It’s a co-working space here and Teamup is used to book meeting rooms. Thanks for building a great product!
👦 Yegor V., Ukraine

Warren Township Little League Scheduling

Everybody has absolutely loved having Teamup and have chosen to hopefully continue with it in the future. So many people use it every day as a resource to know when their children are playing and where they’re playing. Teamup has definitely built a product that is such a necessity beyond belief.
👦 Michael Bertolan
“I and others use Teamup Calendar in an aspect of the game that allows us to coordinate with other players to jump into an alliance to join the fight as an alliance, then jump to another alliance to continue the fight. We coordinate, jump and fight as well as gain war spoils from our coordinated efforts.”
👦 Rick
Teamup visually was the best option for having several subcalendars within a single calendar. Adding or editing events, moving them to different calendars, or making them repeat biweekly was simple as well. Sharing the calendar with our leadership council was painless; many people could edit the calendar seamlessly and simultaneously.
The academic area Jazz at the music school has 33 rooms in four locations available for faculty and students to use for lectures and practice. Teamup replaces the signup sheets on the doors.
Typical operations in a construction company require the department manager to schedule jobs; the crew members need to know when and where they need to be and what needs to be done.  These upper management  needs to keep the oversight of all projects…
We love Teamup Calendar. It’s a fantastic tool – easy to use and really flexible. Its user interface is uncluttered and simple, allowing our volunteers to add events with ease… Since we started using Teamup we’ve found it much easier to plan events without conflict of equipment and facilities.
With all the recent updates to Teamup such as the iOS app and the ability to schedule more than one staff calendar in the same meeting it’s now quick and easy. Our staff carries their phones around the show floor and now they always have the most recent schedule at their fingertips…
👦 Tony
Once a job is scheduled on the calendar, the job can be viewed as an independent Web page with a unique URL. So what’s the big deal? When you have access to the calendar, you can create an independent job page by clicking or right-clicking the job title, then select Share -> as page. Now you don’t have to share the entire calendar; you can send one neat, concise job page URL to any crew going to the client site…
Teamup is instantly accessible by our work crews in the field, offering multiple viewing options by groups, and it’s a living, breathing app that is not only mobile friendly and easy to use by all employees, the onscreen interface makes changing or moving appointments a snap. Add the email function to notify employees of changes, deletions or additions and Teamup scores at the very top of the list…
👦 Barry Mattison, Off The Wall Art & Framing, USA
Our members like the ability to see court availability and book courts online without having to go to the clubhouse noticeboard…
👦 Tony, tennis club administrator
Teamup is a great tool for organizing my dog show schedules and sharing with my family and friends so they know exactly where I will be. It also allows others to edit or add other events, which is so helpful with my memory. I especially like that we can color code the different calendars…
👦 Kristina Whetzel, Kyanite Acres, Virginia, USA
Windows Powershell is a very powerful language and is perfect for accessing REST data sources across platforms. In this example, we retrieved a set of calendar events, converted the data to a native powershell object and used a few loops to read the calendar events, construct and send an html formatted email…
👦 Rob Smith
This is a story of a customer that left Teamup for Microsoft 365, then came back to Teamup — After only six months it became clear that the Microsoft solution just wasn’t meeting the needs of such a large team. They were missing the ease and additional functionality of their Teamup calendar…
👦 Mick
We use the Teamup calendar as a way of easily seeing who, from the group of tutors, is available for the sessions and who is not. It is so easy for each tutor to manage their own schedule and for all of us to view and share the information…
👦 Peter Tootill, Age UK Malvern, Digital Inclusion Volunteer
We have had a hard time finding a way to let students know about events, meeting points, and activities in the past – this is one tool where we can keep everyone organized, share with them only the calendar they need to see, and no one needs to have an account or log in…
👦 Darcy York, Barcelona Study Abroad Experience, Spain

Publish Church Events and Embed the Calendar into Website

I love the update that stripes events that fall under more than one calendar category. We use TeamUp for our church’s website calendar, and some events fall under more than one of our church groups, and I want to make sure all the groups see them, but it was a bit clunky visually to have them list out under each other. Thanks for the elegant solution.
👦 Colby

We use TeamUp to manage over 25 calendars for our volunteer management across the country. As a Nationwide charity managing over 500 volunteers a year and with over 240 workshops happening in regions…
Check out this demo case to learn how Teamup addresses the needs to share availability of a group of trainers (or teachers, therapists, installers, musicians …) and allow their clients to make booking directly on their calendars.
We looked at dozens of online options and by far Teamup was the most intuitive and flexible to do exactly what we needed. The fact that it’s free and without advertisements makes it that much better…  Now answering questions like “Next week, can I come in Tuesday at 1pm instead of Monday at 10:00am?” just got a lot easier!
👦 Georgean Johnson-Coffey

Student Organization - Key Club Event Calendar

It makes it much easier to delegate work to each club secretary to keep their own club’s calendar up to date. That way, I don’t even have to ask the clubs when their meetings are since they are posted on the calendar, making it much more efficient for me to attend their meetings.
👦 Peter, Key Club International

Delivery Schedule with Clear View of Completed Jobs

Click above for a delivery schedule and see how the pink stripes make it clear by a glance that which delivery jobs have been completed!
👦 Uriah Shetler
If you are a small business owner or leader at a non-profit organization, you may find yourself spend a lot of time organizing people, tracking schedules and sharing information. Sometimes less is more. What if you don’t want everyone to see everything but only what’s relevant?
👦 Mark
The simplicity (but possibilities to go more advanced) was really what made me use this system. I employ 5 people beside myself and we all have our own calender on Teamup. Everyone has stated that its easy to use and get acustomed to. We use it for everything. From planning meetings with customers to keep track of each other in a busy day. Even keeping track of who´s in for lunch becomes simple and easy with Teamup…
👦 Ruben Hansen, Daltek, Denmark
A picture is worth a thousand words. Create lively event flyers with pictures right within Teamup Calendar. Read More
Make it clear that an event takes place in a known place, here is the address of that place and the map to help get there. Read More
All updates are instantly available to all users across all devices, anytime, anywhere. And you can easily share the calendar with people — all you need is a link. And Managing access is a breeze too — each user is identified by the name of the link used to access the calendar and any changes are tracked in the edit history or via notifications… Read More
One simple solution helped this enthusiastic group of tour guides focus on what they love most: sharing their city with visitors. Read More
How to delegate tasks, set deadlines, and track progress with a diverse group of volunteers Read More
Teamup allows us to track and plan the activities of our technicians in real time, allowing us to maintain records, documents and photos of job-specific activities…
👦 David Brown, Service Manager, at Moffat, Australia
We need a calendar that could handle multiple rooms with different availability, as well as track therapist availability. Then we need to be able to assign therapist to a room. Only one therapist can use one room at a time. We used Google Calendar, the free version, but it was very difficult to sync all those calendars, especially as we grew…
👦 Ken Burns, a director at Transformations Counseling
The yearly view allows you to get a bird’s-eye view of your long term planning, quickly spot when there are activities planned or availability of resources. And if necessary, drag and drop events to change plans. Read More
Getting Teamup notifications on Slack channels just got easier! No more webhooks. Now just a button to click! Introducing the new Teamup app for Slack so you can see notifications on your Slack channel whenever changes occur on your Teamup Calendar… Read More

How to Use Your Calendar to Create a Customer Information Page or Public Event Page

It makes perfect sense to have a customer information page when a meeting with the customer is coming up! You don’t need to look for extra work to create the customer information page, but simply store or link to all the customer information you need for this meeting on your Teamup Calendar, then share the calendar event as a Web page with anyone who needs to know it.
The 2016-2017 academic year was a transformative year for the Negba organization’s professional capacity, since it marked the first year that the entire staff utilized the shared Negba Teamup Calendar, provided to Negba free of charge. The impact was enormous.
👦 Ary, Israel
If you use Teamup Calendar and Trello’s Calendar Power-up, you can now add all the due dates on any of your Trello boards to a Teamup Calendar, taking advantage of Teamup’s full calendar functionality for even better sharing and collaboration in teams. Read More