Getting Started

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Let's get started with Teamup! Here you will find various tutorials, guides and tips which will help you through the first steps. Buttons above will quickly guide you to the section which you are most interested in. See also this quick guide.

Quick Start

If you have already created a calendar, skip this step. If you do create a new calendar, it will be immediately usable. You can change any settings at any time to make it better for what your need. Check out some live calendars for inspiration or try the live demos to see possibilities of what you can do with Teamup.
Think through what and how you want to organize or schedule. Sub-calendars can represent people, resources, projects, areas, anything that separtes a category of events from others. Use folders if they can help you better organize. Read More
Add account-based users or create calendar links, and assign permissions that control what the user can or can not do with events on any of the sub-calendars. Read More
Add your logo and make your brand stand out. Read More
Choose the default calendar view from the 9 possibilities to make it most convenient for what your users need to do most often. For example, if it’s better to always show the events of the future 4 weeks at opening, use the multi-week view instead of the month view which would show mostly past events when “Today” is the end of the month. Read More
Edit the text in the About box in General Settings to tell your users what this calendar is for or provide any instructions on how to best use the calendar. Surprisingly many calendar administrators left the original text as is, a message from Teamup that is meant to help the administrator get started. If that’s your case, think about if you can make better use of it.
Review and change other configurations in Settings to best fit your needs.

Tips for All Users

A comprehensive guide to feature tips that everyone may find helpful.

Guide for Calendar Administrators

In the guide you will find what is your role as an Administrator, what to consider when setting up the sub-calendar structure and event fields, how to leverage 9 levels of access permissions to give users the access they need, no more no less, and many tips pointing to more in-depth articles on each topic.